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If You Have Been Injured or Damaged In an Accident


Under California Law, The Insurance Company Is Indebted To You.

If another's negligence results in injury or damage to you or your loved ones, California law requires their insurance company to pay just compensation for your past and future medical bills, wage loss, and for the pain and suffering caused by the injury.

We Specialize In The Handling Of All Personal Injury Matters.

Since 1989, the Law Offices of Mike F. O'Brien has practiced exclusively in the field of PERSONAL INJURY LAW. We serve the entire State of California, handling matters north to Redding and south to San Diego. A sampling of the types of cases we handle:

Automobile Collisions...Bicycle or Pedestrian Accidents... Injury from Medical, Dental or Legal Malpractice... Trip and Fall Accidents, Animal Bite or Attack... Damage Caused By Fire or Flood... Or Other Injury or Damage from Traumatic Event

  Claremont Personal Injury Attorneys

All Matters Are Handled Personally And Directly By Mr. O'Brien.

Unlike many law firms who struggle to stay in contact with the client, Mr. O'Brien personally interviews each client and handles their case exclusively. You will not be handed over to an associate or paralegal, you are guaranteed the personal attention of Mr. O'Brien directly.

We are dedicated to making absolutely certain that you receive the compensation that is owed to you and will aggressively pursue your matter through the claims and litigation process.